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DJ Vlad Net Worth

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What is DJ Vlad Net Worth? 

Vlad Lyubovny popularly, and Professionally known as “DJ Vlad” is one of the most celebrated American journalists, interviewers, and former disc jockeys. He’s the CEO of video and news website VladTV.com. He currently has over He currently has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of the [sc name=”date”] update.

DJ Vlad Net Worth, and Career 

He started making hip-hop tracks, but he gave up when he realized he wouldn’t be able to succeed. He began DJing after experimenting with equipment borrowed from a friend. “I kinda hit this moment where I thought “I really want to do music,” he said in an interview with Parle Magazine. I’ll attempt to concentrate while making music’.”

He directed documentaries such as Ghostride the Whip and his American Gangster television series. VladTV.com was then formed, and he was the first to upload DJ mixtape MP3 files. He relocated from New York City and released the Rap Phenomenon mixtape series.

He was also making hip-hop DVDs, but he was having financial difficulties as DVD sales began to decline. He moved his attention to YouTube in 2008, when it had recently introduced its Partner Program, which allows content creators to earn money. Lyubovny later chose to put his other projects on hold and focus solely on YouTube for the rest of his career. When he reported Rick Ross’s former position as a correctional officer, he was assaulted by his entourage. Lyubovny has filed a lawsuit for $4 million. In a civil complaint filed on April 15th, 2010, a New York Federal Jury awarded the plaintiff $300,000.00 after holding Ross accountable for preparing Lyubovny for the attack at the 2008 Ozone Awards in Houston, Texas.

Biography of DJ Vlad

The famous American Journalist and former DJ “DJ Vlad” was born on the 28th of June 1973 in Kyiv, Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union). He’s well-known for his Youtube channel by his name which has more than 4.9 million subscribers. He is currently worth over $8 million as of the recent research. 

How much is DJ Vlad Net Worth in [sc name=”date”]by Forbes?

According to our research Networth202.com, we found that the famous American Journalist “DJ Vlad” has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of the [sc name=”date”] update.

How did DJ Vlad make his money?


The famous American Journalist “DJ Vlad” has multiple sources of income that enable him to skyrocket his net worth to over $8 million as of the [sc name=”date”] update.

He earns most of his money from his professional career, by using the multiple media for Vlad TV to generate ad income, and brand sponsorships. He also earns as an Interviewer, journalist, director, and from his other undisclosed businesses.

DJ Vlad Height, and Weight 

The famous American disc jokey “Vlad Lyubovny” is 1.72 m tall, and weighs around 80 kg as of the [sc name=”date”] update. 

Is he dead or alive? 

According to our research Networth202.com, we found out that the famous American formal disc jokey”Vlad Lyubovny” is still alive as of the recent update. 

Watch his recent interview 


  • He was born on June 28, 1973, in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • He has an estimated net worth of $8 million as of the recent update.
  • His name has a YouTube account with over 4.9 million subscribers.
  • He is the CEO of video and news website VladTV.com. 
  • He was born into a Russian Jewish family. 
  • He went to the University of California, Berkeley. 
  • His videos get an average daily of two million viewers. the average is 10,000 each day ($3.6 million per year) in ad revenues.
  • He is also a film director and producer.

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